Glick: Abbas’s Satisfied Customers

Our only prospect for impacting this diseased, racist environment is to appeal to the conscience of those Europeans who still have one. Beyond that, the time has come to write them off.


One of the more remarkable aspects of the blood libel sounded by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in his address before the European Parliament in Brussels last week is the claim that he ad-libbed the part about rabbis poisoning Palestinian wells.

After refusing to meet President Reuven Rivlin who was also in Brussels last week, Abbas ascended the podium in Brussels and began his custom of demonizing Jewish and Israel. Clearing his throat, the man whose incitement is most responsible for the fact that the Palestinians are the most anti-Semitic people in the world, began his speech by saying, “We are against incitement.”

Then, as is his wont, Abbas proceeded to incite mass murder of Jews by accusing rabbis of ordering the poisoning of Palestinian wells.

“Is this not incitement? Is this not clear incitement, to the mass murder of the Palestinian people?” It’s not quite clear what it was that he was ad-libbing but a reasonable bet is that he was embellishing what was already in his planned speech. In the days preceding his speech, the Abbas-controlled PLO media put out stories claiming that a non-existent rabbi, who heads a non-existent rabbinical council issued an opinion that Jews in Judea and Samaria should poison Palestinian wells.

As the IsraellyCool website pointed out, by Abbas’s telling, it wasn’t just one non-existent rabbi, who heads a non-existent rabbinical council that told Jews in general to poison wells. In Abbas’s ad-libbed version, the entire non-existent council, led by the non-existent rabbi ordered the government to poison Palestinian water.

Abbas simply couldn’t help himself.

There he was, facing the EU Parliament which has shoveled out billions of euros to fund his incitement for the past two decades, and either one of two things happened. Either his EU-funded Jew hatred took control of him and just couldn’t restrain himself, or he decided to show the Europeans that their investment in him has been well placed.

For their part, his European funders couldn’t be more pleased with the product of their investment.

And so we had the remarkable spectacle of Abbas receiving a prolonged standing ovation at the end of his remarks. Israelis expected the European parliamentarians to walk out, or boo, or interject a few cat calls.

But Abbas knew his audience better than the Israelis do. He gave them the red meat they paid for, and they rewarded him for it with a huge, enthusiastic ovation.

The least remarkable aspect of Abbas’s revolting claim is that two days later he walked it back after The New York Times called him on it.

Abbas libels Israel either directly or through his media every day. Every once in a while, a Western media outlet is moved to report on a specific lie he tells. When that happens, he walks it back. And then he says it again, or something equally racist the next day and everyone shrugs or ignores it completely.

Abbas felt comfortable accusing rabbis of ordering the Israeli government to poison wells in front of a room of European lawmakers because for the past 20 years, the EU has been underwriting what may be the largest anti-Semitic hate campaign since the Nazis rose to power. Abbas knows they do this because he has been depositing their checks.

Every year, the EU shovels more than a billion euros over to the Palestinians. As was the case in 2012, even in times of economic austerity in Europe, funds to the PA keep increasing. And with those funds, Abbas has indoctrinated the Palestinians to hate Jews and seek their mass murder and the destruction of the State of Israel as their highest aspiration.

And that of course is just the direct aid to the PA.

There is also the EU financing of anti-Israel NGOs, staffed by Israelis as well as Palestinians. Their job is to propagate blood libels like the one Abbas shared last Thursday. Every year, the EU and its member states give these groups millions of euros to spread tales of Israelis and Jewish avarice.

Two such groups – Breaking the Silence and B’tselem – have been enthusiastic parties in the water libels that come out in early summer every year. Both groups receive the lion’s share of their funding from foreign governments, mainly in Europe.

Last week, NRG website published candid camera footage of Yehuda Shaul, one of the founders of Breaking the Silence, spreading a well-poisoning libel nearly identical to Abbas’s to a group of tourists by the village of Susiya, in southern Judea.

Shaul told the tourists, “One of the [Arab] villages, this village actually, it’s new that they [the Palestinians] came back because a few years ago the settlers basically poisoned all the water systems of the village.”

The footage was taken by the Ad Kan organization two years ago. For the past several years, Ad Kan’s operatives infiltrated far-left, EU-funded NGOs and surreptitiously filmed their activities.

They took their findings public in January. Another film by Ad Kan, which was broadcast in January, showed Breaking the Silence members gathering tactical intelligence about IDF weapons systems and tactics deployed during the war with Hamas two years ago.

In the latest iteration of the water libel, of which Abbas’s well-poisoning story was just one product, B’tselem’s public relations director Roy Yellin tweeted, “While Palestinians suffer from severe water shortage, settlement swimming pools are full.”

As the Elder of Zion website noted, Yellin linked to a Haaretz report which made no such claim.

Moreover, as it noted, Palestinian water parks in Judea and Samaria are currently open for business and wet.

Lost in all the current coverage of the annual water shortage is that fact that Israeli communities in Samaria also had no water last week. Kedumim, Shilo and several other Jewish communities were without running water until earlier this week. Israelis were provided with drinking water from water tanks, just like the Palestinians were.

Also lost in the coverage is the clear fact that the Palestinians are solely responsible for the water shortage.

As Roi Sharon reported on Channel 10 news Sunday, there are two causes for current water shortages plaguing Palestinians and Israelis alike. First, there is the problem of massive water theft by Palestinians.

According to Sharon, over the past year, Palestinians stole five million cubic meters of water.

Second, for the past 20 years, Abbas and his associates have refused to agree to allow Israel to upgrade water infrastructure in Judea and Samaria to provide adequate water for the overall population.

Unlike Abbas and his PLO, Israel still upholds the agreements it signed with the PLO. In 1995, the sides agreed that they would only act together to improve the water infrastructure. And the Palestinians – as Abbas again proved – would rather have their people suffer from water shortages, victims in the EU-funded PA’s endless propaganda war against the Jews – than improve their lives and remove their talking point.

The same goes for Abbas’s Israeli partners in blood libel dissemination and of course, for the Europeans, who pay for the whole operation.

Abbas’s most recent anti-Jewish diatribe, and the warm reception it received from the Europeans who paid for it bear an important lesson for the many Israelis who search endlessly for ways to build friendlier relations with Europe.

The hard truth is that we cannot do anything to influence them. They operate in a closed intellectual circle.

They pay for blood libels. They receive them with standing ovations. They disseminate them at the UN and their media. And then they organize “peace” conferences, where Israel is expected to accept as fact or spend its entire time dispelling the lies they create through their Israeli and Palestinian employees and disseminate through their media.

The only option Israel has in the face of this circle of hatred is to attack the Europeans mercilessly for their Jew hatred and anti-Jewish discrimination.

Our only prospect for impacting this diseased, racist environment is to appeal to the conscience of those Europeans who still have one. Beyond that, the time has come to write them off.



There’s Blood in the Water.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mahmoud Abbas can't speak

A Palestinian anti-Semitic  blood  libel about Israel and water.

A double crime was committed when Mahmoud Abbas, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, an interim self-governing body that undemocraticaly controls the Arabs in sections of Judea & Samaria, spoke before the European Parliament on June 23.

In his speech he spouted a Jew-hating blood libel as medieval in its words as those that led to the massacre and isolation of European Jews in the 14th Century.

Having begun his speech by condemning incitement to violence, he inexplicably said;

“Only a week ago, a number of rabbis in Israel announced, and made a clear announcement, demanding that their government poison the water to kill the Palestinians.”

Here was the Palestinian Arab leader in the European Union capital accusing Jews of poisoning wells, and here the second crime was committed.   The European law-makers received his poisonous words with a standing ovation!

Shame on them!

When Abbas refused to meet Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, who had extended an invitation to meet as both leaders were in Brussels, his refusal was met with silence rather than an encouragement to meet by Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s acting foreign minister.

So much for the European push for peace that targets Israel but ignores a constant Palestinian non-compliance.

Anti-Semitic slanders are not something new to Mahmoud Abbas. As a younger man he won his degree in Moscow based on a thesis that the Zionists were in cahoots with Hitler and the Nazis. An oblique addendum to Abbas’s 1982 doctorate, which he repeated as recently as 2013, were recent claims by British Labour Party rogue, Ken Livingstone, that “Hitler supported Zionism” in 1932 before going “mad and killing six million Jews.”

When Mahmoud Abbas was exposed, days later, unusually by the New York Times, for inserting lies about non-existent rabbis calling on the Israeli government to poison wells, he recanted but, by then, the damage had been done. Or, more accurately, he had already achieved what he intended in Brussels, namely to score more points against Israel in the international arena.

NYT’s journalist Diana Hadid wrote that the false accusation quoted by Abbas was fed through the PLO website and taken up in Turkey and across the Gulf Arab states.

This is the man who, in September 2015, described Jews on the Temple Mount as “filth.”

“They have no right to defile it with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.”

In other words, keep Jerusalem Jew-free.

But what did he mean by “we will not allow them” and “we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.”?

He went on, “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every Martyr (Shahid) will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah.”

Jew hatred incitement is followed by call to action, to terror, to blood-letting.

And Abbas continued his project in front of rapturous but ignorant European leaders in Brussels with his blood libel of Jews poisoning wells.

Here are the facts.

Every year, the European Union buries the Palestinians with over a billion euros, even as the European economy goes into austerity. Instead of their money going into much needed infrastructure like water development and management, they allow it to be used for propaganda and wild accusations such as Israel poisoning Palestinian wells.

European governments eagerly receive false reports from well-funded NGOs slandering Israel on a whole host of issues and then use these reports as gospel truths about Israeli infringements. These reports made their way into United Nations chambers in which Israel is condemned in never ending anti-Israel resolutions to which the gentile Europeans abstain in the voting to hide their shame.

Not that anti-Israel Israeli NGOs are clear of guilt. Many also are funded by European governments to lie and to incite protests and violence.

A hidden camera video, taken by a member of the Ad Can organization, exposed Yehuda Shaul, the leader of the discredited Breaking the Silence group, telling a group of avid anti-Israel haters the lie that in the ancient Jewish town of Susiya the Arab villagers had just returned “because a few years ago the settlers basically poisoned all the water systems of the village.”

The Gulf News article dealing with the Palestinian  Authority poisoned wells issue claimed that Breaking the Silence had made the accusation, a claim the anti-Israel Israeli group told the Ha’Aretz newspaper they denied.

Another water libel came from Roy Yellin, the public relations director of B’tselem, an anti-Israeli Israel NGO well-funded by the Europeans who tweeted that “while Palestinians suffer from severe water shortage, settlements swimming pools are full.”

As with all anti-Israel allegations, the perpetrators deliberately tilt facts to favor their propaganda by eliminating nasty truths that spoil their emotional imagery. In Yellin’s case, he failed to disclose the fact that Arabs were happily splashing around in the Palestinian water parks that have been constructed throughout Judea & Samaria. Not to mention the amply supplied swimming pools in many of the private Palestinian villas.

Perhaps somebody should have informed the misguided European parliamentarians that the Palestinian leader that appeared before them has continually rejected Israeli efforts to uphold the signed 1995 water agreement between Israel and the PLO in which both sides would act to improve the water infrastructure in Judea & Samaria.

Wipe these uncomfortable facts off the agenda. Better that Abbas is allowed to continue his vile propaganda, wrapped in anti-Semitic verbiage that is warmly welcomed in Brussels.

Better emotional imagery of victimhood catering to European money than the harsh truths of a corrupt and hateful Palestinian leadership leading the Europeans blindfolded to the bank.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

He is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism’ and the new book ‘BDS for IDIOTS.’



The Rapture Report – 05/30/2016 – Abbas asks for NATO to replace IDF in West Bank as part of peace deal

Written: 5-29-2016
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris Schang

As the peace talks between Israel and the so called “Palestinians” have been in a virtual deadlock for a while now, France has stepped up and is currently trying to find a way to get the two parties back at the negotiating table. Israel apparently welcomes the chance to hold unconditional talks with the so called “Palestinians”. However, the “Palestinians” are wanting the talks to be based on the previous 1967 lines as well as with east Jerusalem as their capital.

A recent article in the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post stated that Palestinian president Abbas has asked that NATO forces replace the IDF in the West Bank. The Jerusalem Post article reports:

“Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday called for NATO forces to replace the IDF in the West Bank as part of as part of any peace deal that leads to the creation of a two-state solution.

Speaking in Cairo before the Arab League, he also rejected the idea of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. Recognition of Israel as the Jewish homeland as well as acceptance of a demilitarized Palestinian state with the IDF maintaining a military presence in the West Bank have been two of the cornerstone Israeli demands for any resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Further, the Jerusalem Post article goes on to report:

“Abbas spoke in advance of a June 3 ministerial meeting in Paris that will launch a new French-led peace initiative that would set the parameters for renewed negotiating process.

Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians have been invited to the Paris meeting. Israel has opposed the initiative, which it believes dictates the results of the negotiations, though the Palestinians have welcomed it since it aims to set a blue-print for such talks.

Abbas said negotiations should be based on the understanding of a two-station solution based on the pre-1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital.”

These rejections of recognizing Israel as well as replacing IDF troops in the West Bank I believe are an attempt to undermine the entire peace process. These rejections are nothing new and it makes one wonder why should Israel “sit down” to negotiate with a group of people that will never accept or recognize their right to exist in the region?

No sane individual would sit down with an enemy who refuses to recognize their right to exist. The whole problem for the “Palestinians” is that Islam will not allow them to accept a Jewish state. This is part of their religion and has been so for the past some 1,400+ odd years. The Islamists just will not do that. And the last almost 70 years have shown us that reality through the many opportunities for “peace” in that time period.

The Israelis are essentially in a predicament where they are darned if they do and darned if they don’t. I’m afraid the Israelis will be pressured to sit down with the “Palestinians” and try to negotiate something that can’t be done with a people who deny recognizing their very existence in the region.

I believe that as long as the IDF remains in charge of the West Bank, this keeps the “Palestinians” in check because the IDF is well trained for any situation with the “Palestinians”. However, the idea of replacing the IDF with NATO troops, who are not prepared to be “caught in the middle” of a clash between Israel and the “Palestinians” is exactly the scenario that the “Palestinians” would like to have. I believe they would eventually try to get NATO to leave and replace their own forces were the IDF had maintained the peace. Or at the very least make it difficult for Israel to retaliate against the “Palestinians” should push come to shove. Having NATO forces in between the Israelis and “Palestinians” would seriously hamper the Israelis ability to retaliate and stop any aggression from the “Palestinians”. We see this sort of situation playing out in areas where the United Nations is involved in the region.

It really can be said that if the “Palestinians” are pushing for something, then it is most likely a bad deal for Israel. I think the idea of replacing the IDF with NATO troops is a very bad idea and one that I hope the Israelis will not cave into the international pressure to do so. Since the situation in Syria and with the ISIS being the main issue for the past few years, I believe it is almost surely certain that we will eventually see the resumption of focus on Israel and the hot button topic of Jerusalem being pushed to the forefront again.

We know the Bible says that Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone to the world here in the end times. With a lull from the situation in Syria, I believe that the focus will begin to shift back on Israel and Jerusalem in the rest of 2016.

I believe that we should watch the situation in the Middle East, especially for any signs of a continuation of the so called “peace” process.

In the meantime, as we see things heating up, we need to keep looking up, for our redemption is coming nigh!

God bless.


PA Leider Mahmoud Abbas Bevestigt Betaling Van Terroristen In Israëlische Gevangenissen Met Donorgelden

Door Missing Peace


Yochanan Visser – 10 mei 2016

Abbas to address UN Security Council with draft resolution