America’s Desperately Wrong Foreign Policy

Saturday, 3 September 2016

If you want to study the weakness of American foreign policy under the Obama-Clinton-Kerry Administration, just look at the Turkish-Kurdish-Syrian triangle.

America’s formal position is that it opposes the Assad regime, that it looks on Turkey as a close ally, and that it arms the Kurds in their fight against ISIS.

ISIS is considered a potentially major threat within America and must be eliminated. The Kurds have been the bravest, boldest fighters against Islamic State. Yet, recently Vice President Biden, during a visit to Turkey, demanded that the Kurds return back over the river from Syria into Iraq.  The Kurds were the first and only force that took on ISIS in Iraq on behalf of the slaughtered Yezidi people. They were the first to win significant victories and drove much of ISIS back into Syria where they pursued them.

What Biden seems to be unaware of is that Kurds have always had a presence in Syria and, if America is genuine about seeing the end of Assad, the Kurds are the ones that America should be supporting in the joint effort to rid the suffering Syrians from the cruel reign of Assad and the world of the abomination of ISIS.

Biden was also silent about Turkey who sent tanks and troops over their border into Syria to attack and kill Kurdish fighters who are there, at great risk, to annihilate Islamic State.

Furthermore, there is something pathetic about Pentagon officials rebuking Turkey for going after the Kurds both in Iraq and Syria and then watch Turkey ignore them and continue targeting the Kurds.

As Eran Lerman of the Begin-Sadat Strategic Studies Center and an expert on Turkey, put it,“That is very telling on the state of US authority right now.”

As Herb Keinon wrote in the Jerusalem Post, “Turkey’s move I n Syria against US-backed Kurdish forces who have fought against Syrian President Bashar Assad and Islamic State is more evidence that the US right now carried little strategic weight in the region.”

Lerman agrees. “The will of the United States of America has rarely carried less weight than it does now in regional affairs. And that means that those of us who worry about regional stability have to work together for ourselves.”

It’s complicated, but the US should tell the Turks to lay off the Kurds. Biden told the Kurds that they could be left without American support and defenseless to face Turkish planes, artillery and tanks if they pressed further into Syria against ISIS. How wrong-headed is that?

America also gave Turkey close air support in the first two days of their incursion into Syria until they discovered the Turks were going after the towns and villages near Jarabulus. This is where Kurdish-led Syrian rebels are located.

Understandably, the Kurds are furious with American inconsistency.

It does look as if the Turks see that America needs them more than they need America.

This is evident following Erdogan’s recent meetings with Putin, the Chinese President and the Iranian Prime Minister.

Turkey bombing Kurds (1)

The United States needs to get its act together, or vote in a very different Administration.

Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.



Saturday, July 30, 2016

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Dear America and Europe,

What Israel does is in Judea and Samaria and specifically what you call Area C is not up to you. You no longer have a say.

You have lost all moral clarity.

The anti-Semitism sometimes not overt, but often virulent brewing within the societies of Europe and now America has made it more clear that Israel must reject the EU and American ideas for a two state solution.

In the end, only Israel can decide where her borders will be.

Since the Palestinians refuse to sit down and negotiate peace based on the “Two State Solution” after being encouraged time and again by the Americams, Europeans, Russians and the Quartet they have now forfeited their rights in Judea and Samaria.

This is clearly not Israel’s fault as the Prime Minister of Israel has called time and again almost on a weekly basis for face to face negotiations to find a comprise, solution for peace.

So as American Presidemt Lyndon Baines Johnson put it, Israel most go it alone!

The French Prime Minister Francois Holland wishes to hold an international conference to force, kick start “Peace Negotiations” between Israel and the Arab Occupying Force (Palestinians).

Yet, this week in another feeble attempt at delegitimizing Israel, Mahmoud Abbas in place of sitting down and negotiating and accepting the invitation of the Prime Minister of Israel. He decided instead to announce he was going to sue England over the Balfour Declaration. He claims the British are responsible for all of Israel’s atrocities.

What atrocities?

Maybe Mahmoud Abbas has forgotten that Britain fought with the Trans-Jordanian (the Arab side of the war) army in 1948 to destroy Israel.

The idea alone should tell anyone interested in peace that the Palestinians are not interested at all in peace, statehood or mutual recognition.

What is clear, as always, is that the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people do not wish to take responsibility for their actions.

Abbas can cry all he wants about the Balfour declaration, but he cannot re-write history in totality.

The truth and Abbas knows this better than anyone is that the Arabs rejected the Two State Solution and have done so since 1948.


Why do the Palestinians reject peace, stability and statehood?

Why does the leadership of the Arabs who are occupying Jewish land in Judea and Samaria continually reject compromise and mutual recognition?

Racism, the oldest form of racism, anti-Semitism!

Palestinian nationalism has never been about setting up a “home” for the Palestinian people. This is why there still refugee camps in Judea and Samaria that are under the control of the Palestinian Authority(it is sick that the world has allowed the Palestinian Authority to do this).

Palestinian nationalism has always been about blaming all of the Arab worlds failures on Israel with the intent of destroying Israel.

Racism is a mind set of hatred that does not start in the latter stages of life, it must be spoon fed from birth for it to work.

For instance the racism that allowed the horrible and vile system of slavery in the Southern States of America was ingrained into the white population from birth. White Americans in the South, both poor and rich were taught from birth that they were superior as human beings to Blacks.

The same goes with the Arab Occupying Force. Palestinian Jew hatred starts from pre-school.

The forefather of the Palestinian people, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was a Nazi SS operative who spent World War Two with Adolf Hitler raising SS battalions for the Fuhrer and devising his own final solution for the Jews of Israel.

This is not theory, this is FACT.

Today the Germans do everything to distance themselves from their horrible past. Yes, they take responsibility for their peoples actions but they call their former leaders demons.

Not so the Palestinians. To them Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Nazi SS operative who had the blood of millions of Jews on his hands is a hero, a man to look up to.

Here we have the core of why there is no peace.

Attaining Peace has nothing to do with Jewish neighborhoods, buildings or the Balfour Declaration.

Israel has proven that if true lasting peace is there for the taking i.e. Egypt and Jordan, Israel will tear down Jewish neighborhoods as they did in Amit in the Sinai Peninsula and as Ariel Sharon did when Israel uprooted Jewish towns that had been rooted for forty years in Gaza.

Peace has been unattainable because the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are just an extension of Nazi Germany. They have been taught since their 20th. Century creation to be Jew Hating anti-Semites, to kill the Jew wherever they find them.

The Jewish Nation through history (the same history that created both the Christian and Muslim religions) through science (archeology) and through its unbroken continued presence in Israel has proven it is the indigenous people of Israel.

The Arabs on the other hand have always been a conquering, imperialistic nation, especially;lay in the Levantine.

Arabs are not indigenous to Israel.

Born in the sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula, far from the Levant, it was only after Mohammad appropriated Jewish history from the Jews who lived in Arabia and made it fit his oppressive, supremacist policies thus creating the political movement of Islam did the Arabs leave Arabia.

Islam which is a fascist, conquer all political movement meshed perfectly with Nazism later in history when Haj Amin al-Husseini merged them to create Palestinian Nationalism.

The majority of Palestinian society today supports violence against Israelis.

Palestinian leadership and the society below it have called for the ethnic cleansing, genocide and then annihilation of Israel.

This makes sense inside of a Nazi society.

Today Israel has the ability and technology to kill every single Palestinian in Gaza and Judea and Samaria if it wanted, but it doesn’t even though this society continually tries to destroy Israel through war and diplomatic terrorism.

If the roles were reversed, we all know the genocide that would happen to Israel. The Palestinians aren’t even ashamed to say this loudly on TV and in front of crowds of hundreds of thousands.

When Israelis send their children to summer camps they learn sports, science and math. When Palestinians send their children to camps they learn to hate and kill Jews.

This is why there has never been peace.

Three times the Palestinians have been offered statehood, three times they have turned it down.

The first time was in 1948, the United Nations Partition Plan which was accepted by the Yishuv (the Jewish government in pre-State Israel ) and rejected by the Arabs. In this instance the Arabs did not just reject peace, they started a war in which their leaders promised to make the water of the Mediterranean Sea red with Jewish blood. Again, this is fact, this is but one of the vile promises from the Arab leadership.

In 2000 the Clinton proposal offering full statehood was accepted by Ehud Barak and rejected by Yassar Arafat. Again, Arafat believing his own lies felt Israeli society would buckle, so he started another war. He failed to realize that Israel, the indigenous society, would never buckle or fail.

In 2008 Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinian Authority full statehood in his Peace Plan, which was formally rejected by Mahmoud Abbas.

How on earth anyone can even attempt to assign any type of blame towards Israel is anti-Semitism, period.

Shame on this world, the holocaust was not enough for you!

Shame on this world for letting this Nazi society perpetuate the Shoah against Israel with impunity.

Shame on the world for not FORCING the Arab Nation to take responsibility for the crimes it committed together with Nazi Germany. Oil money has afforded the Arabs much.

Shame on Europe for exporting Islamic Terrorism to Israel. The EU by giving aid to the Palestinian Authority long after Israel gave proof to the EU that EU Tax Euros were being used to produce school books calling for the destruction of Israel.

Shame on the left for abandoning its ethos for Jew hatred.

The world must be reminded that it was the Palestinians who brought suicide bombings, plane high jacking and now the lone wolf knife attack and the lone wolf hit and run attack to the international stage.

Yes, Americans and Europeans you can thank the Palestinians for these inventions.

It was fine when it happened in Israel but now that it is happening in Europe and America it is terrorism.

When it comes to America the Palestinians are about to have a serious rude awakening.

The next President of the United States of America will not be so kind to the Palestinians as Barak Obama.

Whether it be Donald Trump who sees the Palestinians as enemies.

Or Hillary Clinton who was rebuked by Abbas after getting an Israeli Prime Minister to agree to a freeze in building in Jewish Neighborhoods of Judea and Samaria for the first time in history.

Hillary Clinton who was the First Lady and saw first hand her husbands amazing peace deal rejected by the Palestinian leadership, watching the Palestinian leadership spit in the face of the American President.

The question is Europe.

Is it possible for Europe and the European Union to finally wake up and realize the Palestinians are nothing more then an extension of the Nazi Party?

America and Europe must realize quickly, Israel will do whatever it needs to do to survive and it is not up to America or Europe to tell us how to behave or where to set our borders.

We are a sovereign nation with full membership in the United Nations.

You no longer have a say!


America crosses the line

Erin Schrode

A 25-year old woman who is running for Congress in California has been the target of a remarkably ugly campaign of anti-Jewish abuse.

After Erin Schrode’s personal information was posted on a neo-Nazi website, she received hundreds of messages of anti-Jewish abuse, including death and rape threats.

It’s beyond horrible. Unfortunately, her response misses the point. She wrote on her Facebook page,

This unspeakable vitriol goes far beyond anti-Semitism. It is not merely an attack on me or on one people, but rather an attack on any individual or group who is targeted because of faith, race, nationality, gender, ability, orientation or other arbitrary classification.

No, it  is precisely an attack on you and your people. Saying that it is in some way a generalized expression of hatred deemphasizes the sharply focused nature of the attack. It blurs the fact that in recent times there has been an explosion of public expressions of Jew-hatred to a degree that has rarely been seen in the US since WWII.

Ethnic and racial hatreds are not all alike. They have their special flavors. There is nothing in the world quite like American anti-black racism. And there is nothing like the Jew-hatred that today is sweeping the world, even the supposedly immune USA.

It was a surprise for some. America was supposed to be different from depraved Europe, where something like Nazism could flourish, and where old fashioned Jew-hatred is growing by leaps and bounds today. That could never happen in America, they thought, where more or less since the 1960s Jews have been able to live wherever they wanted and work in whatever profession they chose. Today’s young Jews didn’t experience academic quotas, restricted subdivisions or jobs that were closed to them (who would believe today that a Jew would have had a hard time getting a position in banking?) And very rarely were they chased home from school for being “Christ killers.”

It was assumed that the America that was celebrated in Hollywood movies, where race or ethnicity were dealt with in a stereotypically non-threatening way, was the real America. There was continued discrimination against blacks, but most whites thought it was confined to the South and then eliminated by the 1960s civil rights movement. And Jew-hatred was ancient history. There were just a few crazy “bigots” running around and they would ultimately die out.

Well, folks, the golden age for American Jewry is over, and it is happening faster than almost anyone expected. There was a lot of wishful thinking in those movies (most of which were made by Jews, after all).

What happened is that back in the 1960s the Left eagerly adopted the KGB’s anti-Zionism, which it promulgated as part of its Cold War psychological warfare strategy in support of Soviet clients in the Middle East. As the facts of the Holocaust became generally known, many people were so horrified that they became immune to straight-up Jew hatred; but anti-Zionism was an acceptable surrogate.

Meanwhile the old Jew-hatred of the Right – the sort of people that appreciated Lindbergh and Father Coughlin in the 1930s – never went away. But the expression of Jew-hatred was socially unacceptable after the Holocaust, so they pretty much kept their ideas to themselves.

But little by little, the barriers broke down. The Holocaust retreated in history and people got tired of hearing about it. Some trivialized it by subsuming it under the general category of ‘bigotry’, and including all of Hitler’s victims, obscuring its central feature: it was an attempt to extirpate Jewish DNA from mankind. And there were those who said that it had been exaggerated, that Jews were using it to obtain special treatment, and so on.

The anti-Zionist Left became more and more open to the idea that maybe it was theJewishness of Israel that was the problem. Anti-Israel Muslims in the West who did not live in the shadow of the Holocaust were more up front about seeing the Jews that supported Israel as the problem and saying so. The Occupy Wall Street movement pointed to the visibility of Jews in finance (they had finally been allowed to get those banking jobs) and media.

The Occupy movement and the growth of Muslim-led pro-Palestinian groups in universities marked a watershed moment for the Left, the point at which it began to believe that the Jews themselves were the problem, and to feel that it was acceptable to say that in public.

And what about the old-fashioned ‘paleo-’ Jew-haters? They saw that they were not alone anymore, that many intellectuals and left-wingers weren’t shy about expressing their opinions. Why should they repress their true feelings?

You would think that the blacks and the Jews would work together to oppose racial and ethnic hatred. But historically it has worked out differently.

The prevalence of black Jew-hatred is an ugly secret. It had multiple causes – the influence of the Nation of Islam, friction between Jewish merchants and residents of ghetto neighborhoods, historical conflicts over control of schools between Jewish teachers and black parents,  communist influence on radical black movements in the 1960s, demagogues like Farrakhan and Sharpton, and lately the success of the concept of ‘intersectionality’ which relates (with utter illogic!) the ‘oppression’ of American blacks and Palestinian Arabs. But however it began, today anti-Jewish attitudes are widespread among American blacks.

The Paleos hate blacks as much as Jews, so they find it convenient to blame the Black Lives Matter movement and other unrest on the Jews. The white middle-class Left is afraid of the blacks, but relates to them in a painfully obsequious way in order to defuse their fear and their guilt over white racism. So they buy into black Jew-hatred as well – especially if they themselves are Jewish.

All of this is mixed together and amplified by the social media. The so-called ‘echo chamber’ tends to drive expression in the direction of extremism. People live in information bubbles with those that agree with them, and when nobody pushes back, status in the bubble depends on who pushes the envelope the farthest.

Social media are used as a weapon, too. And Ms Schrode has become a target of that weapon, along with other public Jews.

I can’t conclude without a word about Donald Trump. Trump has been blamed for some of these social media attacks. A journalist named Julia Ioffe who wrote a relatively mild article about Trump’s wife Melania was an early victim like Ms Schrode. Other Jewish writers who have opposed Trump as well have been targeted.

It is 100% certain that some of the worst scum in America are supporting Trump. Like most things about Trump, it is not clear if he is encouraging them, failing to push back against their behavior, or is absolutely blameless and it is just a coincidence that these people see him as their savior.

For American Jews, it doesn’t really matter. The genie of Jew-hatred is out of the bottle in America, along with a lot of other unsavory creatures. It is not going back in.

I invite Ms Schrode to come to Israel and run for the Knesset (although she’s probably too leftish for me to vote for). But at least here she would have a future.

Jews in America don’t.