5 June 2016


A storm erupted in America – especially on the left of the political spectrum – following the assertion by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani that President Barack Hussein Obama does not love America. 

The leftist-dominated media that helped bring and sustain Obama in power was unsurprisingly enraged by this strong charge brought by a man who is widely known and loved for his powerfully patriotic conduct during the 9-11 disaster in New York. 

But is there a truth in what Giuliani says? 

For twenty years, the young Barack Obama sat under the virulent and revolutionary anti-American teachings of his preferred pastor, Jeremy Wright, who even dared use his pulpit to shout: “God damn America.” Obama never walked out to demonstrate his revulsion of such hatred, and his wife Michelle later remarked, upon his election as the first black man to the presidency: “This is the first day that I can say I love this nation.” 

We know from United States history that it is not a new thing that people who attained to high positions in government were later found to have used their influence to serve the very nations that were at war, or loggerheads, with America. 

Alger Hiss, who acquired senior status in the State Department, is just one of many that could be mentioned here. Back then the leftist-infected media’s first response to the suspicions about Hiss was to heap scorn and ridicule on the man who suggested them, Whittaker Chambers. In the end what Chambers claimed was proven true, and Hiss was found to be an agent of the Soviet Union. Before that verdict was reached, however, as Chambers tells in his book, “Witness,” the press had virtually destroyed his credibility. 

It is precisely this media weapon that has been turned on all who, out of true love for their American nation, have dared question Obama’s loyalty to the foundational and direction-giving Judeo-Christian principles that have placed the United States in its distinctive and powerful position in our world. 

Ridicule is the name of this weapon, and it is encased in this kind of outrage: “How can you be so stupid and mistaken as to insinuate that our black president is anything but a true lover and servant of those things that brought unique blessings to our land? You must be mad! How dare you?” 

Derision is indeed an effective bludgeon, and it has been used ad infinitum by many of those who have helped bring Obama to his position, and who have assisted and defended him at all costs – a cost that may one day well become totally unbearable for most Americans. 

For revolutionaries who have been at war with many of the very principles underpinning our exceptionally blessed America – revolutionaries who, as Obama boasted in his election speeches, want to help him “to basically transform America” – ridicule is the “most powerful weapon.” So writes Saul Alinsky, one of Obama’s favorite mentors, in “Rules for Radicals” – a book dedicated to Lucifer, whom the Bible describes “as the destroyer of nations.”) 

And let’s be honest, it has worked – this ridicule by so many of the left-leaning pundits who control most our media outlets. 

Whether the Fast and Furious gun-running, the debacle in Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful harassment of mainly conservative pro-American, pro-Israel groups and organizations, the birth certificate issue questioning where Obama was truly born – those raising these issues were treated with the same scorn as that leveled at all critical claims against the Obama presidency. 

Was he indeed a Muslim, who loved ISLAM more than he loved the Americans who chose him as their president?  This suggestion, naturally, was ridiculed in exactly the same way: “How could anyone even suggest such stupidity?”  This despite the occasions when Obama – usually in the presence of other Muslims – called himself a Muslim!!! 

Now, some of these reported allegations – though always denied and ridiculed by the men and women around Obama and often by doggedly faithful media outlets – are serious indeed.  Let us name some of them, and mention the possible outcomes if they were proven true. 

Richard Nixon was impeached for lying and covering up his men’s Watergate break-in. Unlike with Benghazi, there were no American deaths involved, yet Nixon was removed from power. His crime was far less serious than those that have been allegedly committed during Obama’s presidency. 

If, as has been researched and stated by many, it is eventually found to have been true that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii, his whole presidency will have to be rendered illegal, his oath at his Supreme Court inauguration as president a fallacy – for as both men must have known, while swearing to faithfully uphold the US constitution, he trespassed it by belying his place of birth on the very day of his oath!! 

When Donald Trump, one of the few courageous men who challenged Obama and dared him to prove his place of birth, offering him five million dollars if he could, the American president ridiculed Trump and it worked!! That the “original” birth certificate later released by Obama’s White House was definitely a forgery was proven among others by Lord Monckton, one of the former advisors of Margaret Thatcher. 

If Lois Lerner, a senior IRS employee, was indeed following White House instructions to go after the pro-American conservative – often also pro-Israel – organizations and harass them from obtaining tax exempt status (concerning which question she took the fifth amendment), it means Obama’s men stole the second term presidency through this criminal misuse of America’s tax institution! 

Why is all of this so important, in relation to the question raised by New York’s former mayor about Obama’s lack of love for the nation he has been elected to serve (and not to fundamentally transform into his socialist, ultra-leftist, ISLAM loving, unrecognizable America)? 

When Richard Nixon was finally impeached, it was with a majority of Republican senators even choosing to turn him in because of the weight of the massive public outcry and accusations against him. Fearful for their own prestige and future, they felt they had no choice but to succumb to the pressure. It was at first basically one man, the left-leaning journalist Bob Woodward, who like a fox terrier pursued his president with this Watergate scandal, with a generally sympathetic press helping him in what in the end became an unbearable situation for Nixon, so unbearable that even Republicans forsook him. 

This could also happen today in relation to the possible crimes and lies of this White House and those connected with it! If pursued with the same ferocity as Woodward did! 

May G-d raise up such a person with courage and with guts who will not be afraid or silenced by ridicule! 


Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director

International Christian Zionist Center