Armenian Christians In France Fight Off Turkish Barbarians Attacking Peaceful Demonstration Commemorating The Armenian Genocide

In true Muslim fashion, they can never agree to disagree and have to make their presence known with violence. In this case, Turkish barbarians attacked a peaceful demonstration in Lyon’s France on the Guillotere bridge commemorating the Armenian Genocide:


The bridge on which this fight took place is interesting. While the current bridge dates to after the Second World War because the original was destroyed by the retreating German Army in 1944, the original bridge was built in 1183, and it is the oldest bridge over the Rhone River. To put this in perspective, the massacre at Hattin had not even taken place yet. St. Thomas Aquinas was not even born. St. Francis of Assisi was 1. King Richard I of England “The Lionheart” was preparing to go on crusade to fight and destroy Saladin’s dreams of jihad.

Once upon a time, crusader knights crossed this bridge in pligrimage for the Faith. Now, Islamic hordes are running over it attacking fellow Christians in our own homeland.

It is difficult to ponder that one day our society may become part of the Muslim world, and all because of three reasons. First, our infidelity to the Faith, second, because of our leaders, and third, because  of our inaction.

Where are the crusaders who will fight for us? Who will take up arms and live and die for the Faith and country?

I can tell you where he is:




European man, western man, I make this proposal to you: 

You Must Become The Greatest Generation Of European Men To Have Ever Existed,

If Not, You Will Be The Last Generation Of European Men To Exist.