Three weeks of discipleship time in Jerusalem


Dear friend 

There is a war on the saints!!! 

People are experiencing attacks from all sides in their lives and we need to be prepared to deal with these attacks. Please click on the link to see the video posted on YouTube in this regard.

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We are extremely exited to announce three weeks of discipleship time in Jerusalem during September 2016.  In this time we will equip believers to be able to deal with these attacks.  The theme for the discipleship time will be “Living from a prophetic lifestyle of praise and worship in spiritual warfare and intercession”.  It is time to become a Gideon’s army, which will put the enemy to flee. 

The training will be from 10 to 30 September 2016 at Beit Chai in Jerusalem.  The training is divided into three units and is designed to follow onto one another like building blocks.  It would be preferable to do all three units, but it is also possible to do just some of the units.  

The Study Units 

10 to 16 September 2016        

Unit 1 – What does it mean to have a prophetic lifestyle in praise and worship? 

In this unit we will study the elements of thanksgiving, praise and worship.  We will research the application of such a lifestyle with specific reference to deliverance, warfare, miracles and healing. We will also study the relationship of these elements of thanksgiving, praise and worship to the anointing of kings, priests and prophets as well as how it is related to gate cities, key cities and capital cities.  We will do the studies from the perspective of the tabernacle of Moses.  The vision is to see how the lifestyle will result in experiencing the glory of our Heavenly Father being reflected on us and by this being prepared to meet our Heavenly Bridegroom. 

18 to 23 September 2016              

Unit 2 – Understanding prophetic spiritual warfare as a lifestyle 

In this unit we will study the different aspects of the believer’s armor, which is our defense against any attack.  We will study the order of how the kingdom of darkness operates from the perspective of the Scriptures and what our strategies must be to not just defend ourselves, but also to attack and overcome the works of the enemy in our lives by the victory, which Yeshua has already obtained for us.  How can we become this Gideon’s army who will defeat the enemy by our lifestyle and not just our activities?    

25 to 30 September 2016        

Units 3 – Understanding prophetic intercession as a lifestyle 

In this unit we will study the concept of intercession as an expression of a lifestyle which will not only bring about change in our own circumstances, but which is rather focused on the impact it can have on our family, our neighborhood, our community, our city, our region, our country and also beyond the borders of our country.  How do we impact the spiritual world with the prophetic expression of faith in our everyday lives?  How can we be salt and how can we be light? 

The Style of Presentation 

Every unit is divided into teaching sessions, which will be followed by discussion groups and practical application of that which we have learned.  Finally, the practical application of this will be done on field trips.   

The Program 

The classes and practical sessions will be everyday from Sunday to Friday.  The program will start at 08h00 every morning until 13h00 and then again from 15H30 to 18h00 every afternoon.  In the evenings, we will have worship sessions after supper.  The units will finish by lunchtime on Fridays. 

The Cost 

The cost per unit is € 500.  This will include shared accommodation, breakfast, a light lunch and supper for the duration of the unit.    If someone will enroll for all three units, the price will be € 1500 for the full period of three weeks, which is a saving of € 150.  Once you have registered, a student number will be provided which must be used on all correspondence as well as reference on your payments.  A non-refundable deposit of € 150 per unit is payable within 7 days from your registration, to make the registration final.  The rest of the payment is due by the latest, 14 days prior to your arrival in Jerusalem. 

The Language Medium 

The language medium for the training will be English. 

The Accommodation 

You will be staying in Beit Chai in Yafo Street, Jerusalem, which is 700 meters for the Old City of Jerusalem, in the centre of Jerusalem.  Those attending all three units will get preference to stay in Beit Chai and the accommodation in Beit Chai is on a first come first served basis.  If the accommodation in Beit Chai is full, then the overflow of students will stay in the hostel next to Beit Chai.  However, they will still have their meals at Beit Chai. 

The Travel Arrangements 

Every person, attending will make his or her own flight and travel arrangements Israel and further to Beit Chai in Jerusalem.  You have to arrive on the day prior to your course and will vacate your room on the last day the unit you attend ends.  After you have registered and finalized your flights, a copy of the itinerary must be forwarded to our offices. 

The Registration Process 

You need to take note that we can only take a limited number of students per unit and preference will be given to those registering for all of the three weeks.  We will work on a first-come basis and registration will only be considered as final once the deposit is paid.  To register you need to e-mail with the following details to 

Passport number: 

Last Name as per your passport: 

Names as per your passport:  

E-mail address: 


Country of residence: 


Which units you want to register for: 

Once your registration is received, a letter of confirmation with your student number will be send to you.  Upon payment of the deposit you will receive a letter with practical arrangements to prepare for your visit to Jerusalem. 

We are looking forward to receive you here in Jerusalem for this time of discipleship. 


The Hebrew People Team 

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