Wednesday, June 22, 2016

⚜The Duke of the North⚜
“The great victory won by Charles Martel … gave a decisive check to the career of Arab conquest in Western Europe, rescued Christendom from Islam, [and] preserved the relics of ancient and the germs of modern civilization.”
Sir Edward Creasy
Question, was the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu building Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria when the Battle of Toulouse took place?
Was the “Occupation” the root cause of the Battle of Tours?
The answer to both questions is a resounding NO.
It is to bad that Charles Martel was not there in Israel to defend the Jews left behind after the Romans sacked Jerusalem and destroyed Jewish emancipation.
When Rome was done destroying the Jewish Nations aspirations for freedom they left the ground open for the Arab/Muslim colonialists who came, invaded and ethnically cleansed Israel of its remaining Jews.
This partnership between Europe and Arab/Islam against the Jewish people has been alive since antiquity.
The Arabs then committed one of the greatest acts of desecration in world history by intentionally building the Al-Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount.
But if you were to ask some Europeans today they might tell you other wise.
Why do I ask these questions? Simple enough.
For far to long the European nations of post World War Two have had the crazy idea that if they hand over Israel, the indigenous home of the Jewish people, to colonialist, Arab/Islamic warlords they would be saved from the terrorism of Jihadism.
They have been wrong in every way.
The Europeans behave as if they have totally forgotten their own history, their own battles against the forces of Arab/Islamic fascism.
It seems that they have forgotten that if it were not for Charles “The Hammer” Martel, Western Europe would be speaking Arabic and would be living under the oppressive dominance of Islam.
France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Swiss; just about every Western European nation state has played with the idea of selling out Israel in the hopes of winning favor with the fascist Muslim Arabs.
In every case it has been a total failure, it has backfired and made the European Nations look weak in the eyes of a culture that feeds off of weakness.
That is the difference between the Europe of Martel and the Europe of today.
This policy of selling out Israel, a natural ally has always ended with the Arabist/Islamist Terrorists striking at Europe.
Like mindless fools, never learning from history the European nations, now under the guise of the European Union, are continuing this policy of selling out Israel.
They are attempting to force upon Israel, like the colonialists that they are, a French Plan that would have an International conference decide the future of the Sovereign Jewish Nation State of Israel.
I think I remember something like this happening before in history, oh yeah, when France and Britain sold out Czechoslovakia to the Hitler and his mad Nazis.
There is even more of a correlation.
The people who call themselves the Palestinians are the off-spring of one of the worst Nazis to live.
Haj Amin al-Husseini, the father of the Palestinian people, was a Nazi.
He raised legions of Muslim Nazi fighters to both fight the allies and to carry out a final solution of the Jewish population of Israel.
This point of “Palestinian” history has been totally overlooked, as if it never happened.
This must come to an end.
It must become Israeli government policy to demand acknowledgement of the crimes committed by the colonialist, Arabist/Islamist during the Shoah.
It is time for European nations to put aside their knee-jerk policies of aiding terrorist organizations trying to destroy Israel.
Europe has been one of the greatest funders of Islamic Terrorism in Israel, FACT.
Post World War Two Europe has been funding the aspirations of the Fascist, Arab Colonial Occupying Force, called the Palestinian people.
It is almost as if the Europeans have been secretly waging a covert extension of the Holocaust by supporting a people who seek the destruction of the indigenous Jewish Nation State of Israel.
It is high time that Israel demand that the European Union take responsibility for the fact that it has been importing Islamic Terrorism to Israel.
By financially and diplomatically supporting the Palestinian People, a nation still wholly sworn to destroy and ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jewish Population, Europe has been part of the crime.
In fact the Europeans do not even attempt to hide the fact that they are backing the same policies they backed during World War Two.
It was during the Holocaust, that all European Nations, not just Germany, advocated ethnically cleanings their Jews and they went about doing it too.
It is also important to remember that the Arabs, under Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseni forced the colonialist rulers of Israel, the British, to enact racist laws the stopped Jews from returning to their homeland, Jews that could have been saved from the Holocaust, while allowing Arab Muslims to pour in from surrounding nations.
Today, not only does the European Union wish to ethnically cleanse Jews, they wish to ethnically cleanse Jews from the birthplace of the Jewish people, from our indigenous homeland, Judea and Samaria.
This should be made clear to the Europeans from the mouths of all Israeli Government Ministers. It should be made clear that yet again Europeans wish to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE JEWS FROM THEIR LAND, just as their forefathers the Romans did!
This is what needs to be said, diplomatic or not!
Just as Jews building in Judea and Samaria was not the cause of the Battle of Tours and nor were Jewish Homes in Judea and Samaria the cause of the Battle of Toulouse, it is time for the Western World to recognize what the cause of this conflict is.
What is inflicting Western Europe, the United States and other free, democratic countries is Arabist/Islamist Fascism!
The problem is and has always been the fanatical, colonialist policies of world domination BY MEN, that are built into Islam; which is an Arab Religious/Political movement.
That is why the supposed moderate Muslims are silent!
Learning this and stopping the constant blame of the one nation, Israel, that has been a barrier, a warrior standing in the way of this madness, constantly protecting the Western World from the same onslaught Charles Martel faced is what Europe must do.
It is time to bring the Hammer of the Maccabees together with the Hammer of Charles Martel and to finish this battle against fanatical Arabist/Islam!