Yes There Is a Devil

April 20 2016

Yes There Is a Devil, And He Lives In The White House

April 20 – 2016

The Devil we have all read about has always hated the Jews and the Nation of Israel. Some time after the birth, death, and resurrection of the Messiah Yeshua this evil one decided that he knew what was coming in the end times, so he created his beloved religion Islam, knowing that he had to fight very hard to stay in power here on earth.

He inspired a book describing how the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) must be beheaded and killed, and he gave it to the Muslims and established Islam. He (the Devil) has had nearly 1600 years to completely brainwash these barbarians into believing that they must be obedient and submit to his will and kill the people of the book. So too today we have Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and many others who have lost any semblance of human sanity and only live to kill the Christian and the Jew (the people of the Book).

After over 200 years of democracy in the USA the people have finally have been able to vote themselves a lot of free stuff learning how to use this “democracy” with the greed of a politician who also looks to get very rich off the taxes of the hard working people.

While the world’s attention is concentrated on the U.S. election primaries those who claim to know Yeshua as their Messiah have forgotten to read their Holy Book we call the Bible. If they were reading God’s Love Letter to them they would know how important Israel and the Jewish people are to God and end time prophecy.

That Devil who sits in the White House is making an all out effort to destroy Israel in his final few months in office. Here in Israel we are seeing masses of Islamic forces building up on our northern border and an unprecedented amount of Islamic tunnels being built into Israel from the Gaza Strip for the future war with Israel. We are watching the Devil in the White House make sure that Iran has everything they possibly need to destroy Israel with. Maybe what Americans don’t realize is that these same weapons will be used against them as well, it’s first the Jew not only the Jew.

We are watching the total destruction of the culture of Europe and being taken over by Islam, and Jews and Christians there now living in fear for their lives. Something I have been warning about for the past few years.

We are witnessing the ecology (Weather) go completely crazy with floods and droughts along with masses of large volcanoes erupting and earthquakes around the world such as the world has never seen. Yet still those who call themselves “believers” won’t wake up. Pastors in the mainstream denominations continue to preach the health and wealth false ‘gospel’. Materialism and living the good life is still the core of their message, with no mention of righteousness or Hell.

Ministries like this one have only one goal and that is to follow God, and the leading of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) in blessing Israel and the Jewish people. Others never think of this because they are simply not born again into the kingdom of God! They have no idea where their eternal citizenship will be. They may be good Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, or whatever, but Yeshua is not their Messiah and God will eventually say to them; “I never knew you”.

Even in the “natural”†many will not believe that hard times – beyond their imaginationare about to come upon them. Yet they are so tied up with their own greed and materialism that they refuse to prepare for the ones they love.

We are living in a day when those who don’t know God and His Word, who have been playing church all their lives, just don’t know the importance of Israel and the Jewish people in God’s prophetic Word. It is just too difficult for them to believe that at such a time as this God would bless them for blessing Israel.

Over the years I have been called many unpleasant names when trying to raise the needed finances to buy boats and make the many arrangements along the Mediterranean Coast line to pick up and save Jewish lives. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am  not claiming any righteousness but I am claiming to take instructions from one who is Righteous

It hasn’t been easy traveling and meeting the right people, making pickup arrangements and setting up communications (not near enough has been done in this area for lack of finances). Today we are struggling to replace a motor in a Turkish boat called a Gullet. And making our other two boats ready for operation for we know the time is now very near and we must be ready. Ready in a time when our finances are at an alltime low. We understand the concerns so many have and rightfully so, but for those who know and understand God’s Word I ask you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stay steadfast in His Word.

Jerry Golden