27 September 2017


And the whole valley of the dead bodies and of the ashes, and all the fields as far as the Brook Kidron, to the corner of the Horse Gate toward the east, shall be holy to the Lord. (Jeremiah 31:40)
You shall have a song as in the night when a holy festival is kept, and gladness of heart as when one goes with a flute, to come into the mountain of the Lord, to the Mighty One of Israel. 
For Tophet was established of old, yes, for the king it is prepared. He has made it deep and large; its pyre is fire with much wood; the breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, kindles it.  (Isaiah 30:29, 33)
1st Word – Valley of Hinnom:
You will be called the Valley of Prophetic Intercession, where the saints of God stand in the GAP – the place between Mount Zion and the Hill of Evil Counsel.
You will be filled with the prophetic proclamations of the believers who take possession of what was once the Plain of Rephaim – NOW to become a place filled with the Lord’s holy angelic force – I see them in great number, wearing white garments, mingling among those whom the Lord gathers, in the Valley of Hinnom.
Yes, they will be there among the believers gathered by the Lord – I see the Lord expanding the spiritual territory – to the north, south, east and west of the Valley. The Lord will reclaim the Valley and Mount Zion – it will be filled with His glory.
He will purge, purify and place a royal crown of glory over this Valley and Mount Zion.
The day will come when this place will no longer be remembered as the pit of evil idolatry, for the glorious presence of the Lord will change everything – in the Spirit as well as  the natural – it will become the place of revival and a drawing force – like fire – in the hearts of the believers. Hallelujah!
2nd Word – The Valley of Dry Bones –
I heard the Lord ask, “Can these bones live?”
I remembered chapter 37 of the prophet Ezekiel –
and I wondered: WHERE could there be a valley filled with more dry bones than the Valley of Hinnom – the historic place where fires raged day and night, as kings and common people sacrificed the children, in idol worship, to Molech?
As I re-read verses 1 – 14, I saw the Spirit of the Lord reviving the “whole house of Israel”. Yes, the Jews have been coming back to the Land, in the NATURAL, but the day is coming when the Lord will breathe His Spirit into them!
He REVIVES them. But there is a mystery regarding just WHO will be revived – there are those whom the Lord calls forth to come and live in Israel – they are Gentile believers who love Israel with all their hearts.
And how fitting and so prophetic it is that verses 15 – 28 are dedicated to the TWO STICKS JOINING TOGETHER AS ONE.
The revival in the Valley of Hinnom will be filled with Jews and Gentiles – joined together in UNITY, along with the Lord’s holy angelic force…
We will ALL be gathered together IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD.
The news of this event will not only be shared around the world, but it will shake up and wake up the slumbering believers who have been passive towards the Lord’s beloved Israel.
May God’s holy fire burn in the hearts of His obedient ones – the fire of His love that will touch the nations! Praise the Lord!
Patricia W
These amazing prophetic words concerning the location where we shall be during this year’s Feast of Tabernacles is such a spiritual and strong confirmation of what we already knew to be true as the Lord showed and confirmed this to many of His servants, that the double portion of His Spirit, “the former and the latter rain” will be poured upon believers here in the valley as we gather with Israel during these days of Succoth.
May you be thus inspired to be with us in faith and expectancy for the great things the Lord is about to do for us all. Halleluiah!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven
Director ICZC

Festive celebrations during this year’s Feast of Tabernacles held in the Hinnom Valley:
Monday 9 October   09:30 to 16:00
Tuesday 10 October   09:30 to 12:30
Wednesday 11 October   09:30 to 15:00

Entry USD 60 per day, Israelis can come for free

The full program of the Feast can be found here

Jan Willem van der Hoeven spreekt in augustus in Nederland

9 Juli 2017
Lieve vrienden,
Hierbij ontvangt het voorlopige programma voor de ICZC samenkomsten in Holland in de maand augustus:
Op Woensdag avond 16 Augustus. Punthorst (bij Nieuwleusen).
Locatie: Gebouw “DE HOF” bij Christelijke Zorgboerderij ELAH.
Adres: Puntweg 9, 7715PK Punthorst (bij Nieuwleusen). Ontvangst vanaf 19.30 uur.
Aanvang: De dienst begint om 20.00 uur, de toegang is vrij; Telefoon: 0529 – 482377.
Op Donderdag avond 17 Augustus. s’-Gravenzande.  
Locatie: Kerkgebouw DE BRUG
Adres: Koningin Julianaweg 61, s’-Gravenzande 2691 GC.
Aanvang: 20.00 uur. Zaal open om 19.30.
Info: Hans v d Berg       Mob 06-1506 2838   E-mail
Info: Gerard Zwinkels   Mob 06-1498 2093   E-mail
Op Vrijdag avond 18 Augustus.
Eventueel nog beschikbaar.
Op Zaterdag – hele dag – 19 Augustus. Voorthuizen.
Locatie: Evangelie Gemeente de KANDELAAR
Adres: De Ruijterlaan 4 – 3781 TK Voorthuizen.
Aanvang: 1e Sessie: Ontvangst vanaf 09.30 uur. De dienst begint om 10.00 uur.
Pauze: van 13.00 – 14.00 uur  en  2e Sessie: van 14.00 – 17.00 uur.
Opgave voor deze dag is gewenst! Tel. 0180-617822 of e-mail naar Stichting Gods Genade
Contact personen: Nico & Josta Aarnoudse
Op Zaterdag avond  19 Augustus, Lelystad.
Adres: Meerkoetenweg 18, 8218 NA Lelystad
Aanvang: 20.00, Ontvangst vanaf 19.30
Opgave voor deze huissamenkomst is beslist noodzakelijk ivm de beperkte ruimte!
Mail naar of bel 0320-218321.
Gastheer en Gastvrouw Kees en Hennie Oosterom
Op Zondag ochtend 20 Augustus.
Eventueel nog beschikbaar.
Op Zondag middag 20 Augustus, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Locatie:  Pinkstergemeente  De TOEVLUCHT
Adres: Evertsenstraat 33 -33a,  5224HN 1s-Hertogenbosch
Aanvang:  16.00 uur
Gastheer en Gastvrouw: Roy en Joan Bussenius
Tel.: 0411-641365  E-mail :
De toegang is vrij. Er wordt bij deze samenkomsten een vrijwillige offergave gevraagd voor het werk van International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC) in Jeruzalem.
Voor verdere informatie kunt u ook e-mailen naar ICZC@ICZC.ORG.IL
Heel veel dank voor jullie liefde en ondersteuning!
Uw Jan Willem van der Hoeven


14 June 2017
These 2 messages I believe are crucial for all those who have the people of Israel in their hearts. Please help us to send them on either via email, twitter of Facebook. Thank you so much.
The mystery of Judah and Ephraim
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