Arab depiction of 1972 Munich massacre to be shown at Cannes

 Munich synagogue held the coffins of the victims of the attacks at the 1972 Olympics

A documentary film justifying the massacre of Jews at the Munich Olympics in 1972 will be screened at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, it has emerged.

Munich: A Palestinian Story from Lebanese director Nasri Hajjaj shows the murder of eleven Israeli athletes from the point of view of the Arab terrorists who are depicted as “Palestinian patriots.”

By contrast, the Israeli athletes are portrayed as “representatives of the occupying country.”

Hajjaj says his film is partly a response to the movie Munich produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Tony Kushner and Eric Roth.

“I just wanted to show the Palestinian version of history,” states Hajjaj who also says his purpose is to show the push factors motivating the “Palestinian patriots” to fight against Israel. One such “patriot” is the resident of a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, whose story is included in the documentary.

Hajjaj claims that the interviews included in the film and rethinking of the events “will shed light on many facts previously considered irrefutable.”

It is unclear whether or not Hajjaj’s film mentions that German neo-Nazis gave the Palestinian terrorists logistical assistance, and that one of the Israeli athletes, Yossef Romano, was castrated by the Arab attackers.

Munich: A Palestinian Story does not form part of the official program of Cannes’ festival but will be screened as part of an Arab film sideshow.