26 February 2017

This is such an important and necessary alert! It needs to be read and shared by us all.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Director ICZC 

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks to the prayers of many within the USA and many of you around the world, we have experienced a divine turnaround and made a U-turn at the cliff in our recent national election. America looked like it was in for even greater decline, but the Lord has had mercy and given us a reprieve. Many in the prayer movement here now feel that though Donald Trump certainly has some rough edges in his personality and in his bombastic style, he is going to be a “Cyrus” who God will use to bring our country back from the brink and open the way to national restoration and hopefully even a spiritual revival as we pray in support. Amazingly, he has appointed eleven evangelical Christians to serve on his cabinet. That, probably much of it due to Vice President Pence’s wise advice, demonstrates a real seriousness and resolve about restoring America to her original calling to be part of Christ’s light to the nations. Let’s pray that it may be so!

However, in the weeks since the inauguration of President Trump and Vice President Pence, a growing resistance movement is being orchestrated to hinder and if possible overthrow President Trump, Vice President Pence and the new administration. George Soros, the former Nazi collaborator and billionaire activist has set up many extreme liberal organizations that are Leftist-Marxist in ideology and seek to divide and destroy the nation. An allied movement is called Organizing for Action and is led by the former president Barack Obama. It aims to set up 250 offices across the country and utilize an estimated 30,000 agitators to discredit and resist our new leadership.

Now, today word has come that the resist Trump effort has gone supernatural in a global call to invoke the demonic realm against him. Witches worldwide are planning to cast spells on Donald Trump, starting tomorrow, February 24th, at sunset, going around the globe hour by hour and continuing month by month according to the lunar cycle until Trump is taken out. 

Would you please join us in prayer and mobilize others to pray with you for the following things:

*1.   That any enemies burrowed in the vast federal bureaucracy in Washington DC will be exposed and punished. Their recent leaks have become a threat to national and international security and are against the law.*

*2.     That George Soros, a deeply wicked man who has schemed to destroy other nations and thinks he is a god, will be dealt with by the Lord Himself, hopefully to repent but in any case to be removed from being able to carry out further harm to the USA or any other country.*

*3.     That Organizing for Action and other extreme liberal-Marxist attempts to subvert the current American leadership will be foiled and that such efforts will greatly backfire against those who are involved, no matter who they are, even ViPs.*

*4.     Let us also agree in prayer and in the authority Jesus has given us that “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven” (Matthew 18:18-19). We now bind in the Name that is above all names every demonic entity and any curses that are or will be invoked against President Trump, his colleagues and administration. In Jesus’ authority and in unity with other intercessors, we render them null and void, and may those invocations and curses recoil on those who call for them, driving them in repentance to Jesus Christ as Savior, or as He would have it, ending their ability to cause any more harm!*

Thanks so much for your strong and persistent prayers as the Spirit prompts you. Our God will use such united prayer to protect this nation and hasten His good purposes for the rest of our world as well.

John Robb

Chairman, International Prayer Council