Reclaiming the narrative


Reclaiming the narrative

Keeping the lie alive by keeping people as eternal refugees.

The day that a million “Palestinians” lost their citizenship, and became stateless refugees, without the ROR to Jordan, bear in mind, many were relocated to the area when Jordan illegally occupied it.

This is the “collective punishment” none want to talk about.

On July 31, 1988, Jordan’s King Hussein announced that – at the PLO’s request – he was cutting all administrative and legal ties with Arabs who lived on the West Bank of the Jordan river.

With the stroke of a pen, over a million “Palestinians” changed from being Jordanian citizens to becoming citizens of nothing.

Rich and well-connected Palestinians managed to hold on to their citizenship, of course.

Mahmoud Abbas Pbuh (pox be upon him) is a Jordanian citizen as well as other top PA and Fatah officials.

There were about a million Arabs living in the West Bank in 1988.

July 31 is the anniversary of a million Palestinians suffering from a real disaster. But since it was done by Arab leaders, and supposedly for their own good, no one talks about it.