13 February 2017

In a truly brilliant exposé of the present situation in Sweden today by the alert and incisive Mr. Pat Condell from Britain, a most disturbing pattern is revealed that may well spread soon to other countries in Europe and beyond as indeed it seems that it has already done. The Scriptures warn by the mouth of Isaiah (60:12) that the nation which shall not stand up for Israel will perish and as God warned already in Genesis “those who curse the seed of Abraham – God’s own people – will bear the consequences for this.

It was Sweden which was the first European nation at the time when Olaf Palme was its Prime Minister which opened up her gates to the vicious terrorist leader Yasser Arafat. Sten Anderson, Sweden’s foreign minister at the time, had befriended Yasser Arafat and had become an ardent supporter of this PLO chief. Olaf Palme, the Prime Minister, paid dearly for this embrace of this vicious murderous terrorist as he himself some time later was gunned down and killed in his own Swedish capital Stockholm by a local terrorist, thus proving God’s very word and warning that they that curse the Jews in effect curse cause harm to come to themselves also!

In spite of all this, Sten Anderson, Sweden’s foreign minister at the time, continued his campaign in favor of this terrorist chief, his newly found friend. At the time the United States had legally barred Arafat official entry into the United States, which was of course very detrimental to the cause of Arafat’s PLO, thus being unable to muster more international support at the UN headquarters in New York for his deadly cause.

But the Swedish Foreign Minister Sten Anderson was willing to help him. He phoned his colleague the foreign minister (or Secretary of State) of the US Mr. George Schultz and asked him what Arafat had to do in order to win the approval of his US administration to be officially allowed into the United States.

George Schultz had two conditions for Sten Anderson to tell his friend Yasser Arafat. One: a total rejection of terror by the PLO chief as a means to reach his goal, a Palestinian State, and two: the clear publicly spoken admittance of Israel as a sovereign state. Arafat did this at the UN headquarters in Geneva. The first time had not been sufficiently clear, so he did it again and with the help of Arafat’s active supporter and member of his PLO executive committee, the Anglican Arab bishop Mr. Elias Khouri at his side, who helped him with his English, as he deceitfully announced: “I renounce for the sake of the record all forms of terrorism and hereby accept Israel as a sovereign state.” The world’s journalists who all had gathered in Geneva were ecstatic when, gathered in their hotel, they heard the news of the response of the United States to this obvious lying statement by Arafat: Schultz now was willing to begin a dialogue with the PLO, dialogue actually made possible by the continual helpful prodding of Arafat by Sten Anderson.

This all resulted in the successful process that led to the international recognition of Arafat and his cause even by many nations and governments in the world, to the awful detriment of little Israel which soon found herself as a result of this clever manoeuver outnumbered and isolated.

The US Secretary of State George Schultz, who to the delight of most of world’s biased journalists now had announced his willingness to reverse the official USA policy and now start a dialogue with the PLO, designated their Ambassador in Tunisia Pelletreau to start this negotiation. Arafat himself in a flagrant expression of who he still really was in spite of the words of “contrition” he had mumbled in Geneva, allowed as one of his representatives one Abu Tariq (Hijlah), who in Khartoum had murdered in cold blood Pelletreau’s fellow United States Ambassador Cleo Noel, to be part of his team. This is how the journalists Neil Livingstone and David Halevi describe this very sordid story in the book “Inside the PLO”:

The execution had been a particularly brutal affair. Informed that he was about to die, Ambassador Noel, with great dignity, thanked the Saudi ambassador for his hospitality and assured him that he should not feel any guilt over what was about to happen. At 9:06 P.M. the three men were lined up against the wall and forty rounds were pumped into their bodies. At the command of Abu Tariq (Hijlah), who led the assassination squad, the terrorists fired from the floor upward, to prolong the agony of their victims by striking them first in the feet and legs, before administering the coup de grace. When they were finished, Abu Ghassan telephoned the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum and informed it that the two Americans and the Belgian diplomat were dead.

U.S. officials had ample evidence of Arafat’s and the PLO’s direct involvement in the Khartoum murders but chose – for reasons never made clear – to suppress the evidence, including the intercepts of the radiotelephone conversations between Abu Ghassan and Fatah headquarters in Beirut. The National Security Agency (NSA) had monitoring stations throughout the region and obviously would have paid particular attention to communications between Khartoum and Beirut during the period in question. Among these stations were the huge Kagnew “listening post” in Asmara, Ethiopia, and signals intelligence facilities in Turkey, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Cyprus. The communications may also have been monitored by U.S. naval vessels belonging to the Sixth Fleet and by U.S. RC-135’s based in Greece.

Coming now back to Sweden, I have to say that according to the remark of Jesus the Lord the only – and I repeat the only remedying factor for any nation is those who are willing to courageously stand on the side of truth and righteousness. Jesus said to such of His followers that they were the ultimate (last) light and salt to preserve their nations from total downfall and destruction. If the almighty God, as he said to Abraham, had even found 10 of such righteous ones, He would not have overturned Sodom and Gomorrah.

That’s why it is so very sad that among the possible instruments of this divine mercy for the Swedish nations there are today so very few men and women of God who are willing and able to stand in the gap before God, also for Israel’s sake. There recently were a few strong voices of support and blessing for God’s people, hated and despised by many in Sweden, but now through the cleverness and constant seduction of the Evil One largely and successfully silenced. It should fill us with deep sorrow as the consequences of this betrayal of Israel by Sweden will indeed lead, as the Bible warns, to its further destruction. Even as also Pat Condell makes so abundantly clear in this recorded speech.

For those who want in relation to this very also for the US State Department incredible sordid story to read more actual background about it, I refer to my article entitled The Cover-up that you can order by emailing to iczc@iczc.org.il.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Director ICZC