Friday, June 24, 2016

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

When most Americans think of the Kingdom of Bahrain not much probably comes to mind.

Some might know that Bahrain is a very, very small island country.

Some might even know that this small Island country is a Kingdom connected to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway. Something similar to those long bridges seen in the Florida keys.

Some might even know that the American Navies 5th Fleet is stationed there along with a very large Naval base called Naval Support Activity Bahrain, which is an integral part of Americas CENTCOM operations.

But why does any of this matter?

Because Bahrain is an Island Kingdom ruled by a dictatorial Sunni King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, this king happens to rule over a majority Shia population.

And this Shia population has already been stoked once by Iran to a minor rebellion in 2011 forcing Saudi Arabia to send 1,000 soldiers over the King Fahd Causeway and the United Arab Emirates to send in riot police.

Also take into consideration that Iran is a mere 200 kilometers away on the other side of the Persian Gulf, an easy enough distance to cover should the Mullahs want.

Non of this would matter, and could have easily been chalked up to another Arab leader suppressing his people, except for two things.

One, the fact that Iran has completely played the United States of America with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This deal, the JCPOA, is a toy.

It was a game, orchestrated by some of the greatest and wiliest of the worlds negotiators, the Hardcore Iranian Mullahs.

This game was used to fool and lull the American people and especially the American Liberal political establishment into believing that Iran wants change and a type of Western openness, to be excepted back into the sphere of Nations.

One thing you can say about the Iranians is that they learned from the Soviets. They learned that subversion against war of any type can deeply change the fabric of the American political climate.

Of course this is why the Iranians ensured that America could not successfully rebuild Iraq and actively fought against U.S soldiers after the American Invasion using proxy militias!

To win this game and to create this myth the Mullahs let people, who Americans believed to be moderates, like negotiator and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani do the talking.

But in the end neither Zarif nor Rouhani had a real say.

This farce, like a magic carpet, was reveled when the real puppet master Ayatollah Khamenei was proven to be master of all.

He was able to subvert UN Security Council Resolutions that called for the complete cessation and destruction of the Iranian Uranium enrichment program.

The key element for Iran to make Atom bombs, the one element that could not be given in to.

This was a clear part of UN Security Council Resolution 1747 (international law that can be enforced with force).

But the liberal political movement in the Western World wants to believe that the Mullahs will  give in to the younger generation, a generation that supposedly wants Western change.

First off that theory was proven wrong in 2009, when the Iranian people did attempt to fight against a fixed presidential election.

The Mullahs showed exactly what they were willing to do.

With mass arrests and killings of protesters the Mullahs were not in the least bit afraid to use force. When things got a bit hairy for them they finally sent in their Brownshirts, the Basij Militia who broke the protestors with a furry not seen since the good old days of fascist Europe.

Of course the protestors received zero help from the Obama Administration, other than to be told that America was with them. That helps a whole lot when you are being beaten to death by a fanatical Shia version of ISIS.

But there is something else Americans and Westerners do not understand about Iran and Iranians, the younger generation too. The West wants to believe this young generation is willing to toss off the revolution.

Well, yes the Iranian young do like jeans and they want to live well and many do want more freedoms, but they too have been taught the Iranian version of the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war.

They will not relinquish their pride and love for their country any more than most Americans would for America.

Americans do not know the Iranian version of the great war fought between Iran and Iraq.

In the Iranians version it is America that stabs Iran in the back by getting the world to place a weapons embargo on Iran, while America worked with and supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons.

Most Americans simply do not know that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Iranians.

He was the murderer of more than one million Iranians. The killer of almost a whole generation of Iranian men and boys and America was his backer.

Iranians do not want to forget this important part of their history. In fact, it would be much easier for Iran to make peace with Israel I believe in the end then it would for Iran to make peace with America.

And now this gets to my second point and also brings us back to Bahrain.

When Iran sealed this deal with America and the European Nations, billions of dollars of Iranian money that had been frozen because of sanctions was freed up and given to Iran.

This money went immediately to all of Iran’s proxy militias fighting its wars.

This is being done to help quicken Iranian dominance and Shia dominance in the Middle-East.

Whether it be in Yemen where Iran is supporting Shia, Houthi rebels, or the mass murdering dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and of course the Iranian minions inside of the tiny island Kingdom sitting at Saudi Arabis door step, Bahrain.

This is all part of a greater Iranian plan to recreate a Shia Muslim Persian Empire.

Recently Iran activated one of its Shia clerics in Bahrain. After denouncing the Sunni rulers and calling for a general strike (Arabic for rioting) Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, had his citizenship revoked.

This action by the Sunni King of Bahrain could possibly be the match that finally lights the gasoline that has been leaking like oil from a barrel since America deposed Saddam Hussein.

This of course is the Sunni-Shia conflict.

It is important to remember that the human race has not been through a true, unrelenting religious holy war with 20th. and 21st. Century military hardware!

Up until now the major players Saudi Arabia and Iran have respectively let this battle flare in other countries.

This changed two days ago when Iranian Republican Guard General Qassem Soleimani promised a bloody intifada inside of Bahrain.

This is the battled hardened general who has lead and defeated ISIS in battles in Syria and Iraq for Iran.

If he says something like this you had better take him at his word.

The Saudis have already promised action and the possible annexation of Bahrain if Iran acts.

What will the Americans do if Iran decides to invade Bahrain?

What will the Americans do when the Shia storm Iran is preparing and that the Obama Administration helped create turns its guns against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council?

What happens if Iranian forces try to force America to close Naval Support Activity Bahrain Base and remove the 5th. fleet?

Or what if Iran decides to close the Straights of Hormuz?

Will America go to war?

Hasn’t Russian leader Vladimir Putin proved to Iran that America, at least under Obama is a paper tiger with his annexation of the Crimean peninsula!

Will Iran have nuclear weapons?

After all we have never been able to truly check the Iranians secret underground nuclear facilities. In fact we truly and honestly do not know how many underground nuclear bases the Iranians have.

Not even Ben Rhodes, playwright turned Assistant National Security Advisor could lie his way out of this one.

Once again there is but one force that stands in front of this great Iranian, Shia Storm.

A small nation, but a strong nation.

A strong nation because it is free and democratic nation.

That nation is the Jewish Nation State of Israel.

It is nice that the Saudis have new American weapons, but I promise you, they will have their asses handed to them by the Iranians.

It’s time for the Saudis to lock up its ties with Israel real quick, make a deal with Israel on the Palestinian front, because the heat in the kitchen is about to go ballistic!